It’s Fall!

It’s Fall!  Well, sort of fall like.  The weather has actually been pretty nice and we have been taking advantage as much as possible.  We spend most afternoons bike riding and playing outside.  This morning we had a fun playdate with Elizabeth, Charlotte & AJ and our new friends Samantha, Jack & Kate.  The kids had a great time playing outside and enjoying their chance to play in the street (ie. cul-de-sac).

IMG_3093To kick off the Fall season we spent last Thursday at Cox Farm.  We visited Cox Farm last year with several of our playgroup friends and loved it.  Last Tuesday on our way to Stroller Strides, Jack asked me when we were going back to the pumpkin patch.  Ironically, when we got to SS Elizabeth asked if we wanted to go to Cox Farm soon.  We decided on Thursday and invited the crew.  Only Marcy could join us, but it was a perfect sized group and we had a blast.

The farm was basically the same as last year, but they did add a new Kiddie Zone for smaller kids.  It was in an area of the farm that we hadn’t really visited last year.  IMG_3090It was nice because it was a fenced off area with a wooden train for the kids to play on, a “corn” box (corn kernels instead of sand), some small slides, hay bales and a few picnic tables.  We were able to hang out in there while we all nursed our younger kids and the bigger kids played.  Then we ate our picnic lunches before setting off to the big slides, the wagon ride and the baby goats.

Jack has entered a phase of being scared of things and getting spooked.  He didn’t like one of the slides because there were voices at the top of it.  He alsIMG_3086o got a little frightened on the wagon ride because of some of the voices and the displays.  They really weren’t scary but he seems to be pretty sensitive.  Any issues he had with the ride though were all resolved by milking Molly the cow and the outstanding slides. 

Marcy took Jacob & Jack to milk Molly the cow while I used the restroom.  I missed the initial milking but because there was no line, they allowed the boys to try itIMG_3091 again.  They were very excited and proud that they had milked a cow.  As we walked away I asked Jack if Molly had milk like I do.  He looked at me and confidently declared as he bent over “No Mommy, not at all.  Molly’s milk comes out of her butt.  Like this.” and then preceded to demonstrate how to milk a cow from his bottom.  Marcy and I died laughing.  I guess it does seem a bit like the utters come from her bottom!

All of our kids had a blast on the slides once again.  These are pretty big slides and I’m always amazed at how easily they go down them.  Even Garrett really got into it.  We started G out on a IMG_3078smaller slide that was difficult to climb up to.  I actually had to go with him, not because of the size of the slide but because once I got him up there it was easier to just slide down than try to crawl back down.  When we got to the bigger slides G really wanted to go down those too.  I took him down a few times on my lap,  but frankly my butt was getting hot on the slide and I was getting tired of trekking down it.  After careful consideration (and the go ahead from Marcy), I sent him down it by himself on his tummy.  I was sure he was going to cry at the bottom.  Nope!  He just bounced up, turned around, clapped and ran to Elizabeth to help him get started back up the hill.  The kid is fearless too!

We finally pried the kids away from the slides by letting them go into the goat petting zoo area.  For a dollar you can buy an ice cream cone filled with hay and feed for the goats.  Jack LOVES goats and especially feeding them.  I don’t really mind the mess and smell of it all.  Elizabeth is not a fan of the goat pen, but she kept made it through it and the kids loved it.  Garrett ran around saying “Baby, baby.”  He also triedIMG_3099 to follow the goats under a bridge.  He got halfway into it, stopped and started signing and saying “Danger”.  It cracks me up what he determines to be danger!  Jack chased and tried to pet every goat in there.  Charlotte and Jacob fed and played and tried to pet them too.  It was great…until Jack was screaming crying.  For a split second I couldn’t find him. I had just asked Elizabeth if she saw him when we both saw him sitting on the ground with a woman who was ripping his shoe off.  I ran down there thinking he had surely tripped and broken his ankle or something.  He was pretty worked up (not like him!) and she thought that he might have gotten stung.  We checked his foot and it looked like he may have.  I took him out to the counter outside the pen to check everything out IMG_3073and use their first aid kit.  Sure enough, he had gotten stung.  Not once, not twice, but three times right next to each other.  Poor kid.  I was a little freaked out because Travis is allergic to bees.  I figured in about 30 seconds he was going to swell up and quit breathing.  But, he was fine.  We wiped it off with an anti sting wipe, put a little paste on it and gave him a couple of band aids.  No problem.  Phew…it could have been bad!

Soon we will be getting pumpkins to carve and planning Halloween costumes.  As usual, the Fall is flying by.  In no time I’ll be blogging about winter and snow.  In the meantime, we will spend as much time as possible outside savoring the end of the good weather.


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