Happy 3rd Birthday!

IMG_2997Yesterday was Jackson Robert’s 3rd Birthday!  Whoa, where did three years go?  Jack has certainly kept us busy and continues to entertain us beyond belief.  I’m frightened to think what his little personality will bring in the next few years.

In true Jack form, we were up at 5:20am.  Jack was very excited for his Birthday and his party today, however, he never asked about presents.  He was anxious about his Birthday cake and wanted to eat some the second he woke up.  I mentioned that we would open presents when Brother and Daddy woke up, but Jack was not all that concerned about them.  He did open his presents before his party and made quite a haul for a little boy!  We got him a new bike.  He has been wanting a glider bike like Ian’s for months.  I did quite a bit of research and found a hybrid glider and regular 12 inch bike made by MirraCo (a division of Trek).   The cool thing about it is that the pedals and training wheels are completely removable.  It is a glider for now but when he is ready to pedal then we can put the pedals back on.  The glider will help him gain balance and get used to the bike.  It is likely that we will just add the pedals and he will never need training wheels.  Plus, the bike should fit him until he is about 5 or 6 years old.   Mimi & Papa bought him a shopping cart and some play food.  This is a perfect gift because Jack loves to fill up any bag he can find with his “groceries”.  Grandpa & GG gave him money to buy some hockey gear.  (Now I just need to figure out the schedule for Daddy & Me skating classes!)  Sis and Uncle Beau sent him and G matching Bronco’s jerseys and Shalan got him the coolest Curious George t-shirt and a magnetic wooden doll. 

Jack’s Birthday Party was at River Farm.  It is the headquarters of the American Horticultural Society and has a fabulous children’s garden.  It is a favorite of ours because they have a whole area for the kids to dig in the garden, as well as several kids playhouses, a plant maze and a boat to climb around.  We decided this was a great place for a party because it would be low key and easy for Jack’s friends and their little brothers and sisters who may not be as mobile.  After months of discussion Jack finally chose to have a Thomas the Train cake.  IMG_2987Originally I was pushing him away from a Thomas cake because I had no desire to make the stand up train cake that Wilton has a pan for.  However, we got a magazine that had a Thomas cake on a sheet cake.  That helped me to get more creative and come up with a better way than the train pan.  In the end, it was a pretty easy cake to make and it turned out well.  Jack was super excited because we put a few new trains on it for him.  He couldn’t really believe the new trains were his.  He was sure we had borrowed them from Ian!  Instead of gifts for Jack, we asked people to bring an unwrapped toy to donate to Children’s Hospital.  Next week we will deliver the toys to Children’s.  I explained to Jack that there are lots of sick kids in the hospital and that since we are so fortunate, it would be nice to give them some gifts to brighten their day.  He is very excited to take the gifts and asks us every day if  “today is the day we get to take the presents to sick kids?”  Though our kids don’t lack for much, we are hopefully laying the foundation for them to be generous, thoughtful and thankful for our blessings.

IMG_3066After great naps from all the Gianchetta boys, the kids watched Grizzly football with Daddy.  They were all fired up.  Garrett ran around and squealed most of the afternoon while Jack went back and forth between tormenting his brother and taking in the game.  Jack is picking up football quickly and sported his new Broncos jersey all afternoon.  He was very proud!

We usually go out to dinner for Birthdays.  Jack decided he wanted to go to Rustico for pizza.  Jack loves pizza and this is one food that he would really miss if we couldn’t have.  Thankfully there are a few places that have gluten-free crusts.  So far Rustico is the best GF crust we have found.  They use a chickpea dough that is really good.  In fact, I think I’m beginning to prefer it to their regular crust!  We ate outside for dinner and although the kids were exhausted, they were good.  We took a quick walk after dinner and two sleeping boys within minutes.  Phew!


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