Back to Preschool

IMG_2938Monday was the first day back to Preschool for Jack.  Yea!  Yea for Jack and yea for Mommy!  Jack is now in the 3 year olds class at Aldersgate Dayschool.  Once again Jack is the youngest kid in his class.  It doesn’t seem to bother him and it means he gets the first Birthday party!

I’m super excited for this year of school.  All and all, last year turned out well.  We had some bumps in the road but from January on things were pretty good.  This year already seems so much better.  Jack is older and learning to control his emotions more.  We’ve made changes that help him keep it together.  And, his teachers seem very well suited for him.  They are outgoing and active and his room is very neat.  They seem to be creative and have set up thematic units for the kids throughout the year.  Jack seems to thrive in a creative and active environment, so I think he is going to enjoy it.  Another plus is that there are several kids in his class that he knows from his class last year.  He is especially excited that his girlfriends Amelia & Allison are in his class. So much so, that this morning when I dropped him off, he was asking me all kinds of questions about when I would be back until he realized Amelia was there.  Once he saw Amelia, it didn’t matter when I came to pick him up!

IMG_2936Jack has been pretty excited about school both days this week.  On the first day we were getting his clothes on and he told me that he needed me to do his hair in a faux hawk because he wanted to look very nice for his teachers.  He was so proud!  This morning he couldn’t even eat breakfast he was so excited.  He was beside himself anticipating leaving for school.  I asked him if he remembered his teachers names and he looked at me like I had 3 heads– of course he knew their names.  Silly Mom, what was I thinking?! 

So far we are off to an excellent start to the new school year.  Jack will be occupied 3 days a week.  I will have some special time with Garrett– uninterrupted by Jack’s constant chatter.  And God willing, I’ll even get some things done around the house.  This just might be sanity creeping up on me.  I better hurry up and get pregnant…we wouldn’t want things to be too normal around here!


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  1. Kindee (Sis)

    OMG! Two posts in the same week. I can’t believe it. 🙂 I love the picture. He is growing up to fast. As for another nephew or niece…Sis and Uncle Beau are ready. We just need to get you living closer to us, so we can see the kids more often. Can’t wait for them to be old enough to spend weeks in Montana with us. Thanks for posting…now just keep it up. Love you all!

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