Summer is Over!

Apparently I took a break from blogging over the summer.  My friend Elizabeth’s Mom totally called me out on it recently.  So Memme, this one’s for you!

It has been an incredibly busy summer.  In so many ways, I wonder what we did all summer.  And then I realized that we actually did a lot!  Here is a summary of the high points.  I’m hoping to write several subsequent posts and provide actual pictures of the events, but in the meantime I’m back in the saddle!

In early June Mimi & Papa (my parents) came to visit from Montana.  They spent 2 weeks on the East Coast split between our house, Connecticut where my brother is and a little sightseeing in-between.  One of the weekends we spent up in Lancaster County, PA visiting the Strasburg Railroad.  The boys love trains and it was pretty neat to share that with my parents.  Papa was especially proud to show Jack all that he knows about trains (since he is from a railroad family and worked on the railroad when my parents were first married) and to get to ride some really cool trains.  It was Day Out With Thomas, so we had all of the Thomas stuff to do in addition to the actual museum.  I plan to post pictures and more details on this in another entry.  June also brought some pretty big changes for us.  After a ton of research, reading, debating and with a lot of encouragement from friends and my Mom, we decided to start reworking Jack’s diet.  Jack has been officially Gluten Free since about June 15th.  Much of our summer has been spent adjusting diet and limiting some foods and now working with a homeopathic M.D. to find all of Jack’s sensitivities.  How did I know I would have the kid with food allergies?!

July brought Garrett’s 1st Birthday and G officially walking!  I was so excited for him to walk.  Much of June was spent with Garrett cruising around and clearly capable of walking but just not having the confidence to do so.  On his Birthday, July 7th, he took his first long string of steps and walked across our living room (probably 7 or 8 steps in a row).  Within a few weeks he was running all over the place!   Garrett has still not made it over the 20lbs mark, so for foreseeable future he faces backwards in his carseat.  The pediatrician made a point of telling us that they prefer that kids face backwards until they are 2 years old no matter their weight.  I felt like he was just trying to make us feel better, but it turns out many of my friends have gotten the same advice.  Luckily the boys can see each other in the car, so it doesn’t bother G yet.  At the end of July Travis had a business meeting up in New Hampshire.  We decided to make a weekend of it and fly up as a family.  We spent the first two nights in Portland, ME and the last night in North Conway, NH.  I fell in love with Maine, well at least what we saw of it, and NH was fun and certainly an area I would love to spend more time exploring.  Traveling Gluten Free for Jack was a bit of a challenge, but we found a few great places.  We visited Storyland in NH and had a blast.  It was a great kids theme park that was geared towards younger kids.  The rides were fantastic and it kept the boys and I entertained while Daddy went to his meeting.  

August flew by with a lot of weekend trips and the end of Jack’s summer preschool/camp program.  From the end of June through mid- August Jack went to a local church usually two mornings a week for a camp.  He loved it.  They had water play, did arts and crafts and cooking, lots of singing and just played.  It was a much needed distraction for all of us and was missed when it ended.  I took the kids up to NJ for a few days to hang out with Shalan & Mary.  I am embarrassed to say that it took me over a year to see Shally’s new house.  I was dreading the drive up but it was a breeze.  The kids were great in the car and for once we didn’t get stuck in a ton of traffic.  Jack and Mary got along very well and both boys loved exploring a new house.  Garrett took his obligatory tumble down the stairs within 10 minutes of us arriving.  I had just finished saying that I knew he would fall down the stairs (which he ran to climb the second we got in the house!) when he fell down the stairs.  He was mad but just fine!  We made a super quick trip up to MA to visit my Brother and his family.  Unfortunately, the circumstances were sad.  My Sister-in-law, Michelle’s, brother passed away.  We really wanted to be there for their family and because Travis and I have very fond memories of several New Year’s spent with Torre, Michelle and her brother Louis.  It was a hard trip, but worth it.  The positive aspect of the trip was that we were able to spend a little time with our nephews too.  Reid is 4 1/2 and Adner is 2 1/2.  All the cousins got along well and were excited to play together.  Adi and Jack are pretty close in age and got along great.  Reid was super excited to play with Garrett and “help” him do things.  They were all very cute together!  It reminded us that we really have to figure out a way to see each other more often!  August also brought a trip to Cleveland, OH to visit Trav’s college roommate and family.  Scott and Allison have a son Dash that is just 6 months older than Jack and a new baby, Bo, who is almost exactly 1 year younger than Garrett.  Jack and Dash are great friends and play so well together.  We told Jack when we bought the tickets that we were going to visit Dash soon.  Every morning for a week Jack would jump out of bed in the morning, run to his gate and yell “Today we get to see my Dashy!”  Needless to say, we learned that you can’t tell a toddler when you are going to do something they will have to look forward to for weeks.  We also learned this summer that we can’t tell Jack the day before we are traveling.  He gets so excited that he can’t sleep in anticipation of the flight/drive etc. 

So now we are into September and quickly approaching Fall.  Jack started school again yesterday.  I turned 30 last weekend and Jack turns 3 this weekend.  Football has started and hockey is right behind it.  We are hoping to get a trip to Montana in before it gets super cold.  I’m hoping to enjoy a nice Fall with lots of weather worthy of trips to our favorite parks before it gets yucky out.  We are getting back into the groove of things and I know that Christmas will be here before we know it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with blogging and the next update won’t come in December!



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2 responses to “Summer is Over!

  1. Elizabeth's Mom(Memme)

    Thanks for the update…I enjoy hearing about your lovely family!

  2. Kindee (Sis)

    So glad to see that you are back to blogging. Thank goodness for Elizabeth’s Blog. Without it I would have had no updates since May…which is way to long. 🙂 Love You!

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