IMG_2420Our little man is 10 1/2 months and changing quickly, so I thought I would give the official Garrett update.  I think G is weighing somewhere around 18lbs. and I have no idea how tall he is.  He is finally starting to fill out a little bit.  If you look closely you might even be able to imagine a little chub on him!  He is still so skinny but now he doesn’t look like he might break.  He just looks super tiny to be crawling around madly, pulling up to things and attempting to walk.

Garrett finally loves food.  He is actually turning into a super eater.  Last night he apparently ate as much macaroni and cheese as his brother did for dinner.  (Shalan is in town, so we had a girl’s night out and Daddy hung with the boys!)  G’s favorite foods right now are any kind of beans, cheerios, baby mum mum rice crackers, blueberries, avocado and really anything he wants to try.  His word for food is nana.  I think it is because the first thing I really told him the name of when we started attempting solids was banana, so now he calls all food nana.  It is so cute because if he thinks someone is eating and not sharing with him, then he’ll start yelling “Nana, Nana”.  In addition to eating well, Garrett has mastered the straw cup, a regular sippy cup and holding his own bottle.  The latter is a new development because we are currently having a rough nursing patch.  It’s not really a nursing issue, it is just that I got poison ivy again and had to go on steroids that necessitate me pumping and dumping my breast milk.  Meanwhile, Garrett gets no nursing and has to be supplemented by formula and the little bit of stored breast milk I had.  Hopefully, his love for food won’t dissuade him from returning to nursing in a week when I’m off of the meds!

IMG_2465Garrett has a few discernable words.  He clearly says Mama, Dada, D Dog (for Denver), Ack (for Jack) and Nana for any food.  I’ve been signing to him a little and he definitely gets it but hasn’t really signed back much.  When I ask him if he wants milk and use the sign, he smiles and generally then pats my sternum.  He doesn’t actually sign for milk but he clearly understands that the sign corresponds to nursing.  He also pats my sternum anytime he wants to nurse.  (Which is killing me right now because I have to refuse him.  It is really hard to turn down your baby when they ask, especially if you have been feeding on demand for 10 1/2 months!)  I sign for eat, drink, more and all done.  Occasionally G will sign all done, but that is it.  I’m pretty much tapped out on the signs, so I need to learn more so I can teach him more.

Garrett has really hit a fun age.  He is crawling everywhere, pulling up to everything and really starting to toddle.  Yesterday he was basically standing up in the middle of the floor on his own.  He would crawl over to someone, gently touch their leg and then start standing up.  If he got wobbly, he would grab on for balance but if he didn’t have to then he would just stand up and look around.  He kept reaching for my hand and then trying to walk to something across the room by just using me for a little balance.  He also is starting to really try to walk between furniture.  Jack walked at 11 months on the nose, so we’ll see if G is on the same track.  He is certainly gaining his confidence!  Garrett is totally into following Jack.  He wants to do everything his big brother does and basically terrorizes Jack by following him.  Jack is trying to be patient and is getting much better at sharing with Garrett or trading toys when G has something of Jack’s.  Of course, G’s favorite toys so far are the ones that Jack loves.  A popular toy for the boys to fight over right now is a Lightning McQueen car of Jack’s that you can shake to make it move and talk.  Both of them love it and both of them freak out when the other is playing with it.  So far, G loves cars too.  I’m not sure if that is because it is the main toy of interest for Jack or if G actually just likes cars.  Time will tell!

Garrett is starting to have his own friends.  He is big enough now to interact with the other babies that are similar in age.  Up to this point when we have play dates, they are really for Jack and his friends.  Recently though, it seems that the babies are enjoying each others company.  Garrett’s “best friends” right now are Isaac, Isla and Ginny.  Isaac is IMG_2380Amelia’s little brother.  He is about 2 1/2 months older than Garrett (ironically Amelia is about 2 months older than Jack).  We meet up with Amelia and Isaac pretty often to go to the park, often times at Aldersgate where we go to church and where our older kids go to pre-school.  Garrett and Isaac love to dig in the sand.  Okay, let’s be honest they really just eat the sand.  We spend the majority of our time digging sand, sticks and leaves out of their mouths.  The rest of the time the two of them crawl madly after their older siblings in an attempt to be big kids!  IMG_2435Isla is Ian’s little sister.  Isla is about 3 months younger than Garrett (again, Ian is about  3 1/2 months younger than Jack).  Garrett and Isla are super funny together.  First off, G is super skinny and tiny and Isla is a total chunker.  She is that adorable baby that you just want to squeeze all over because she has the cute chubby thighs and is kind of rolly polly.  They couldn’t be more opposite body types.  Both are very smiley though, so they seem to smile and giggle a lot when they are together.  Isla just started crawling recently, so Garrett still sort of runs her over when they are on the move.  However, I think she’ll be keeping up very well in the next few weeks.  Garrett loves Isla and is always trying to snuggle her and kiss her.  He also like to torment her by taking her pacifier.  We are going to watch Isla for a week in the beginning of June, so I’m sure we will soon have all kinds of funny stories about the two of them.  Ginny is Revie’s little sister and she is about a month younger than G (Revie and Jack’s Birthdays are one day apart).  Ginny also just started crawling.  We get to see Ginny a few times a week now at Stroller Strides.  I’m super excited about this since Jessica is one of my favorite Mommy friends and we weren’t seeing her nearly enough.  Garrett and Ginny are pretty mellow together.  Mostly Garrett torments Ginny by taking her food.  He is always trying to get a hold of whatever she may be eating.  Garrett and Ginny are also kindred spirits because they both have really bad acid reflux.  Jess and I have been trading sleeping horror stories for the past 9 months.  We both agree that sleeping in 45 minute increments is enough to cause maternal psychosis…or at least a lot of crabbiness!

So that is the long winded update on Garrett.  He is happy, healthy and growing bigger every day.  His meds are great, he eats like a horse even though it doesn’t show, and he is finally down to waking only twice a night.  What more could a Mama ask for in a nearly 11 month old?!  Oh, and I almost forgot his newest talent.  This morning I changed his diaper and was getting ready to put his clothes on for the day.  I needed to wash my hands before I got him dressed, so I stuck him in his crib to play.  He seemed like he was ready to go to sleep, so I just let him lay down and figured I’d dress him when he woke up later.  I went on about getting things ready for our day out and about 15 minutes later I thought I heard him playing in his crib.  Mother’s intuition kicked in and I decided to peer through the crack in the door.  Yep, he was standing in his crib bare ass naked, holding the rungs and laughing.  Guess I won’t be sitting him anywhere in only a diaper anymore.  Gotta love it when they can take their diaper off before 11 months old!


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