Bradley Babies Playdate

IMG_2411Last week our friend Michelle (and Bradley teacher) hosted a playdate for a few of us former Bradley Mommies.  We were supposed to meet up at a local farm, but it had rained so much that Michelle was kind enough to host all of us at her house instead of schlepping all of our kiddos through the mud. 

The weather was perfect, so we played at Michelle’s house.  We ate lunch together and the kids played on the patio.  It was great to catch up a little bit and see how much all of our kids have grown.  About the time all the kids were starting to break down, we walked across the street to the local fire station and took a tour.  It was a perfect outing.  One of the firefighters showed us the station and one of the trucks.  The kids each had the chance to sit in one of the seats on the fire truck.  They flashed the lights for us on the truck and then one of the other trucks came back from a call.  We lined all the kids up on a bench and they got a center stage viewing of the truck backing into the station.  Then they gave each of the kids a fire helmet and coloring book.  It was great.  For a minute I wished we lived across the street from the fire station.  We would be regular visitors for sure!  Then I remembered how annoying it is to get woke up by sirens every night and I’m pretty thankful we don’t live across the street from a fire station!   None the less, we had a great time catching up with old friends!


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