IMG_2372It finally stopped raining a little last Friday afternoon, so Jack and I headed outside to play.  I promised Jack we would buy him a Little Tykes car this summer, so a few weeks ago we picked one up for a great price at Marshall’s.  With the good weather, we brought out his tricycle, the car and the sidewalk chalk.  He kept himself entertained all afternoon long.

The highlight of playing outside is that we have had a huge hatch of caterpillars.  They are everywhere around our house and the next door neighbors.  One ended up on my arm (still unsure how this happened) and so I showed it to Jack.  He loved it and wanted to hold it.  He spent at least the next hour holding the caterpillar and building “tracks” for it to climb on.  His tracks were composed of a box of sidewalk chalk, individuals pieces of chalk and some sticks occasionally.  He patiently put the caterpillar on the tracks and “helped” it move along. IMG_2370

At one point I told him to hold it in his hand to show me so I could take a picture of it.  Oh my goodness, I could barely keep from laughing.  Jack picked up the caterpillar and he almost dropped it.  Then he picked it up and dangled it from one end, looked up at me and said “This caterpillar is a wiggleous wormous!”  He finally got his new pet to settle down in the palm of his hand and then he very seriously said “Smile Mr. Caterpillar, Mommy is taking out picture.”  He turned to me and asked “Mommy, did you get him smiling? Was he looking at the IMG_2368camera?!”  It was so sweet and cute!

Thankfully we have had a yard full of caterpillars, so when Jack “loves” one to death– literally– we are able to find a new one quickly.  I can’t wait to teach him how to catch worms (a favorite pasttime of my childhood!).  Oh, all the fun we have to come catching slimy creatures and playin’ in the mud!


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