Day Out With Thomas


On Saturday we took the boys up to Baltimore to the B&O Railroad Museum for a “Day Out With Thomas”.  Thanks to my friend Susannah for tipping us off to the event, we bought tickets weeks ago.  Basically they turn the roundhouse of the museum into a kids room with train tables completely outfitted with Thomas sets, a storytelling and video booth and Lego train displays.  Out in the train yard they had a few moon-bounces, a tent with Thomas tattoos and, the main attraction, a ride on Thomas. 

img_2285Jack had been so looking forward to riding Thomas.  He kept speculating about what other trains would be there and we kept telling him that all we could guarantee was Thomas.  Thankfully he was fully prepared, because Thomas was the only train.  The roundhouse was a little overwhelming since there were so many kids and it was noisy.  However, Jack checked out the train displays and played at the tables.  Before we were scheduled to ride Thomas, we went outside so he could check out the moon-bounces.  He played for a little bit and then it was time for our train ride.  Of course Jack was super excited to see Thomas and have the opportunity to ride on him.   I’m not sure what I expected the train to be like, but honestly I was a little surprised.  The engine that is painted like Thomas was excellent.  It was everything that any Thomas fan could imagine.  For Jack everything was perfect.  For me and Travis, the excellence ended with the Thomas engine.  I was expecting old restored trains that would be a throwback.  Instead, the rest of the train was an out of service Marc train (the Maryland Transit trains).  And it certainly wasn’t restored.  Even that would have been fine, but once the train got rolling we were quickly reminded of just what city we were riding the train through.  Our scenic ride included a tour of the Baltimore projects complete with garbage, graffiti and a police escort down the track.  Jack wasn’t phased but it was a long 20 minutes for Mom &img_2330 Dad.  The best entertainment was Travis’ one liners including the comment that he was sure we were in an episode of The Wire.  It was a little bizarre.

After our train ride we played a little bit more and then headed out.  We grabbed dinner on the way home, tired the kids out completely and made our way home.  It was an excellent day.  I can’t wait to check out the Strasburg Railroad up in Lancaster County, PA this summer.  It should be much better scenary!


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