Aahh…Potty Humor

I have recently realized what it truly means to have boys.  Jack has entered the phase of potty humor.  At least I want it to be a phase.  Travis promptly reminded me that although the potty humor is a new phenomenon at our house, Jack is a boy and that once it starts, it never ends. 

Lately, whenever Jack wants to be silly or get attention or just doesn’t know what to say, then we are serenaded with his version of potty humor.  Generally speaking this means he tells us that he ate poop, that we ate poop or that he is throwing poop.  All of which he finds hillarious and of which I find annoying and irritating.  The best part of this little game is that he doesn’t just tell you his “joke”, he screams it (okay not screaming but certainly he takes his inside voice up a notch or two!) in this funny voice while gritting his teeth.  Nice (insert hint of irony in my voice!). 

So this prompts me to wonder, why do boys (or men) find bathroom humor so funny.  My two year old’s version of a fart joke is to imply that someone is eating poop.  The male adult version of this is making all of us unsuspecting wives suffer through games of turtle.  (It has been a long time since Trav has tried to gas me out of the bed, but I certainly have endured my fair share of it!)  So really, why is this so amusing to boys?  No, really?  Why is potty humor a tried and true knee slapper for them?  And what is the equivolent  go to annoying joke that girls/women tell?  Insight please!

By the way, as I write this Jack jumped to his feet on the couch and starting say “pooooops, playin’ basketball. Where’s the basketball?  Poops, poops…”  I guess that means he wants my attention!


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