It Ain’t Homemade!

img_2024Whoo Hoo…Garrett finally ate solid food, but it ain’t homemade.  The little monkey has resisted everything I’ve tried to give him.  The closest to eating he has gotten to this point was nibbling on a teething biscuit and sucking on a whole banana.  In both cases once he got a chunk of food he started gagging.  I took him for a weight check a week ago to see if we could increase his reflux medication and the doctor asked about solid foods.  I explained our lack of progress and the doctor suggested I try commercialbaby food.  He said at this age the resistance to food isn’t because of taste img_2021but texture and that jar food was very smooth and generally appealing.  So I relented and purchased jarred baby food.  This afternoon I gave the little man some banana and voila he ate over half of a jar.  I am soooooo happy he ate something but I am a little disappointed that he wants jar food.  I love making the food and knowing exactly what he is eating and yet he hates it.  Of course I really want some sleep, so if it is jarred food he wants then jarred food he gets.  God help us the kid will get some food and quit waking up four or five times a night to nurse.  I won’t get my hopes up!


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