Too Much Jumparoo!


Apparently Garrett got all jumped out in the Jumparoo and just had to take a little snooze!  Actually, the jumparoo is a bit of a lifesaver for us with Garrett.  He loves to jump and often will be content in it for an hour at a time.  Often times he follows up his vigorous jumping with a nap.  The life saver part is that about once a week Garrett decides he is good to go at about 3am and wants to play.  Enter Jumparro.  Garrett jumps…Mama sleeps…Jumparoo music stops and then we know Garrett has konked out!  Thank you Jumparoo.  Oh, and it is also know as the pooparoo.  A handy tool for inducing Garrett’s not nearly regular poops.  More information than all you non-parents wanted to know, huh?  Just wait…this too could be you someday!


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