Snow Day

Whoo Hoo, we finally got snow!  I have been waiting all winter for the first snow and yesterday we got it.  It wasn’t huge, but we got a few inches which is enough to play in and to cripple half of DC.  I think some schools were closed.  Ironically, Jack’s preschool was already scheduled to be off because they follow the county public school schedule which had an in-service day.  So, we were able to spend the whole day enjoying the snow

img_19541On Tuesdays a local kids musician plays at a coffee house.  We don’t usually get to go because of school, but yesterday we met our friends Marcy & Jacob for Mr. Skip.  Jacob is a self professed Mr. Skip groupie.  No joke, he thinks the best part of the whole morning is waiting for the other kids to clear out so he can chat Mr. Skip up.  It is so cute.  Mr. Skip knows Jacob’s name and Jacob beams every time Mr. Skip says hello.  We had only been a few times before and Jack had liked it but didn’t really participate any.  This time he was happy to “dance” his little white boy dance.  It is unfortunate that our kid is learning his moves from the pathetic dance cam at Caps games.  Please don’t judge him (or our parental dancing skills!) based on his lack of rhythm.  Travis can find a beat and at least I try!

After Mr. Skip we took the kids over to the park across the street from the coffee house.  img_1979Poor Jack thought we were going to a park with a play structure, not just a park with open green space.  He kept asking where the slide was.  He also wanted to eat snacks at the snow covered picnic table.  Mean Mama that I am said we could eat snacks at home where it was warm!  None the less, the boys had a blast playing in the snow.  They stomped around, attempted to make snowballs (a tough feat for toddlers wearing mittens) and best of all ate their snow “ice cream”.  We had a lesson in not eating (or rolling in) the yellow snow.  Although I’m not convinced they understood or cared.  They truly had a blast.  As usual Garrett was a pretty good trooper.  I kept him in his car seat img_1966and bundled him with a blanket.  He was pretty patient.  He wanted to be part of the action, so he ended up getting fussy.  Can’t imagine why he didn’t want to sit in a car seat in the cold while everyone else got to roll around in the snow.  I’m sure he just wanted to hone his crawling skills!

After Jack woke up from his nap, we bundled up again and went outside for more playin’ in the snow.  Garrett was napping, so I thought Jack and I would get a good amount of time to really play.  Of course I ran inside to grab something and Garrett was awake.  So, I brought Jack back inside and got Garrett all bundled up.  In true fashion, Garrett was STARVING (even though I fed him probably an hour and a half earlier).  img_1981Luckily we can nurse anywhere…including the front porch in snow gear!  When his snack was finished I moved his exersaucer onto the front porch and he played too.  Garrett loves to watch Jack play, so he was pretty content for quite a while just takin’ in the scene.  Daddy had a pretty busy day yesterday, but he was able to sneak outside before it got dark to enjoy some of the snow fun.  The second Trav walked outside, I got ditched by Jackson.  Who wants to play in the snow img_1989with Mom when you can have Dad.  That’s okay, I got to walk the dog instead.   Denver lives up to her name and absolutely loves the snow, so we had a great walk.  Our whole family needed a bit of a snow day!


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