Garrett’s Growing Big!

img_1876Wow, our little G Man is almost 7 months old.  He is growing quickly and changing every day it seems.  At his 6 month appointment he was 15lbs 8oz and 25 3/4in long.  Apparently that puts him in the 25-50% for his age range.  I don’t really put much stock in those numbers though because he is truly exclusively breastfed.  He is surely growing and thriving.

Garrett has been a proficient roller for months now.  He and Jack both rolled over pretty early and immediately went from front to back and back to front with ease.  Now he is pretty good with the army crawl and wants so badly to figure out how to make all four arms and legs coordinate together.  He is at the cute stage where they get up on all fours and then can only make the front or the back work.  If he moves his arms then his legs flop down on the floor and if he moves his legs then his arms go down and he does a face-plant.  What a crack up!  He is pretty much sitting up now.  The whole idea of him sitting up really excites me because Jack crawled before he sat up.  I think Garrett is going to do it all img_1938in the traditional order!

So both of my kids were born with tons of hair and both of them lost all of their hair in the back.  They kept all the hair up front but were completely bald in the back.  It really is hysterical looking.  Both of them sported a version of the swoop (anyone who knew Travis when we first started dating knows exactly what the “swoop” is!) that is unforgettable!  Both boys had dark hair at birth but when Jack lost his hair it came back in very blond.  When Garrett lost his hair it just came back in dark, so he really didn’t look nearly as goofy as his poor brother did.  None the less, Garrett’s hair was really starting to bug him and get in his eyes.  Poor kid, last week one eye was really watery and goopy (a technical term).  I was afraid he had gotten pink eye or something, but no, I realized his hair was just in his eye and making it water.  So, although it always makes me sad that my little one is growing too quickly, we trimmed Garrett’s hair on Friday.  Travis went for a haircut, so I relented and let John the barber trim Garrett too.  He did fine.  He really just got the front trimmed.  Now his hair is much more even all around and looks nice.  It did, however, completely change his looks.  He seems much older now and is really starting to having his own defining features.  He is handsome!!

img_1939Generally speaking most 6 (or nearly 7) month olds are eating solid foods.  We started Jack on rice cereal at 2 months.  Garrett had so many belly issues and didn’t seem to need the rice cereal early.  I think I mainly just wanted to keep him nursing in order to hopefully cut down on his discomfort from reflux.  At a little over 4 months old, we gave in and put him on Zantac for his reflux.  Thankfully it has helped tremendously.  Periodically I have tried to give him rice cereal, but we realized that when we did he projectile vomited immediately and continuously for several hours.  We decided that was a good sign not to give him more rice cereal.  Brilliant parents, eh?  So then we thought we would try oatmeal or mixed grain cereal.  Ya, Garrett not so much into the cereal of any sorts.  He doesn’t spit it out.  He just opens his mouth REALLY wide, starts making gagging noises, moves around like he might puke at any moment and then eventually his mouth fills up with so much saliva that all the cereal runs down his chin.  So, not a fan of the cereal.  Then I thought I would try some fruits and vegetables.  Same thing…gagging and drooling, no eating.  The funny thing is that when we eat he is all img_1940over us and our food.  The babysitter had to swipe out cheerios from his mouth twice one day because he kept getting them from Jack’s cup.  Today I gave him a teething biscuit.  He didn’t love it or hate it.  He played and chewed on it for a few minutes.  It was an improvement.  I guess he’ll eat eventually.  In the meantime, I truly am the dairy queen.  Every two hours day and night…I guess he won’t go to kindergarten exclusively breastfed, but sometimes it feels like he might make his first Birthday without solid food!



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