Christmas Pictures

img_1891So I am so ridculously behind on blogging, that I give up trying to catch up.  Here is the quick version of Christmas.  We had a very eventful week leading up to Christmas.  We ran around shopping last minute and stayed up until 3am two nights in a row getting things ready.  On Christmas Eve our friend Jim came over to go to church and have dinner.  In keeping with my less than prepared for Christmas theme, I made chili for dinner.  Thankfully it was a hit.  Jack was super tired, but we did manage to keep him awake long enough to leave cookies and milk for Santa. img_1885

On Christmas morning we got up, checked immediately to see if Santa liked our cookies (they were Wegman O’s, who wouldn’t like them!) and then dug in to our presents.  On Christmas Eve when Jack & Garrett sat on Santa’s lap, Jack told Santa he just wanted a red present.  (My friend Shalan’s little girl Mary kept saying the same thing.  I’m not sure if this was a common 2 year old theme or if Jack overheard me talking to Shally about this.)  Santa brought Jack an Easel that was unwrapped; luckily Santa knew to wrap all the paints etc. in red paper.  Jack also received a wooden garage set from his Grandpa & GG.  Daddy had put this together too, so after those two gifts we pretty much had to beg Jack to open anything else.  Garrett, of course, was really none the wiser to this Christmas thing.  He watched us from his various perches– exersaucer, bouncy seat etc.  I’m pretty sure he fell asleep half way through things!

We spent most of the day hanging out and then got ready in the evening.  We decided, after watching several hours of the Christmas Story 24 hour marathon, that we should just have Chinese food for dinner.  It was awesome!

img_1900  img_1895  img_1905  img_19121  img_1914  img_1917


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  1. Tracy

    What! No Mince meat cookies for Santa?! They must only be Mrs. Claus’ favorite!
    Looks like it was a great time!

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