Grandpa & GG Come To Visit

Wow…I am so behind on blogging.  December flew by and now it is the New Year.  The next few posts will be my December catch up blogs!

In the middle of December Travis’ parents came to visit us.  Grandpa and GG arrived on a Thursday night and had to go home on Monday evening.  We had a great visit and I know they enjoyed the kiddos. img_1818 This was the first time that Grandpa met Garrett, so that made the trip extra special.  The timing ended up being a little crazy though.  Earlier that week Travis hosted a holiday party for his new company.  The party was a great success but it kept BOTH of us very busy leading up to the arrival of the Grandparents.  Then Travis had to travel to New Hampshire for business the day his parents arrived.  He actually didn’t get to see them until Friday afternoon when he got home.  The boys and I went out to dinner with them on Thursday night and then hung out on Friday morning until Daddy got home.

We packed a good number of activities into the weekend.  GG really wanted to take Jack swimming at their hotel while they were in town, so I arranged for her and I to get in the water with Jack at swimming lessons on Friday.  (For those of you who haven’t followed the swimming saga, Jack is in special swimming lessons and unless we got direction from his teacher we weren’t supposed to take him in the water.)  It was fun to get in the water with Jack and get a little bit of an idea of how to help him with what he has been learning.  Basically GG and I practiced “launching” him back and forth between us so that he could practice his swim strokes.  It went well but I think it was a little overwhelming for all of us.  We actually never img_1814ended up going swimming after the lesson.  Oh well, I at least have practice for when lessons are over.  (God help me, he only has one more week!)

On Saturday I wanted to take everyone to Baby Loves Disco.  My friend Susannah hosts the BLD here in DC and I love to go.  I was really excited about it because I knew Jack would love to dance and it was being emceed by Mr. Skip, a local kids singer/entertainer that all the kids love.  In addition to Mr. Skip, there was face painting  and decorate your own cupcakes.  Well, Travis and his Dad decided that they weren’t really into BLD (insert hurt feelings for Mama…but I got over it!) and instead were going to a Georgetown basketball game.  So I drug GG and the kiddos to BLD and it was tons of fun.  Jack was super excited to decorate his own cupcake.  I think this was a double bonus for him.  He got to frost it himself, but the really exciting part was that I actually let him eat it.  For a kid who doesn’t get a lot of treats, other than ice cream which is his Father’s addiction, a whole cupcake was heaven.  In fact, when I asked for a bite he told me “no!”.  I had to decorate my own cupcake to eat.  The funny thing is that he took literally 2 bites and then told me that he wanted to save it for the next person.  At least he wants to share with someone, even if it isn’t his Mama!  After cupcake extravaganza, Jack got his face painted.  This is the first time that he has either been interested in or even allowed someone to paint his face.  I think he was encouraged by the fact that his friends Jacob, Charlotte & Audry all had their faces painted.  Oh, and a little encouragement from me.  I thought it was so cute and the face painter is excellent.  Jack really wanted to be a butterfly but I convinced him to be a puppy instead.  I’m not against him being a butterfly, but the butterfly colors were all pretty girly and I thought in the end he would be excited to be a puppy.  He didn’t love the process of transforming into said img_1809puppy, but the end result was worth it.  He was a very proud puppy who ended up going to dinner with his face painted!  We got to BLD later than I had wanted to thanks to Jack’s nap.  By the time we made it through aforementioned activities, we only had a little while to dance.  Jack gave GG a good display of his still developing dance skills and made sure she saw him play in the tent and shake the egg shakers.  Then we were off to meet Daddy & Grandpa for Japanese Hibachi.  Yummy!!

On Sunday we took the Grandparents to church, hit brunch at the Royal Restaurant in Old Town and did a little shopping.  GG wanted to pick up Christmas presents for the kids while they were in town so they didn’t have to ship things.   Monday was low key and then after swimming lessons they had to fly out.  It was a great visit!


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