Swimming Week 5- Swim Sequence

Swimming Week 5- Swim Sequence, originally uploaded by mgianchetta.

So, I am a little late posting last week’s swimming. Jack is still doing well. This is supposed to be the last week but he still needs a little more work, so we may end up going next week for a few days or for a week in the beginning of January. I’m hoping we can finish up next week. Right now Jack is working on being able to rollback to a float and rest in the floating position. This is really important because if he were ever in a situation where he fell into the water, the floating is his opportunity to rest before attempting to swim a little closer to safety. He knows to rollback but he doesn’t trust the floating part yet. Also, in the beginning when we were in a really cold pool he would never kick. Now he kicks but doesn’t understand that he should kick when he is on his tummy and float on his back. He is getting it though. At any rate, this whole process is amazing and I am so impressed with what his teacher Sarah has taught him (and the other kids that I get to see) in just 6 weeks. We love Sarah and are pretty disappointed that she won’t be Garrett’s teacher next year.


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  1. Papa

    Tell Jack that Papa is very proud of him and thinks he is doing great. Papa can’t wait to go swimming with Jack.

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