Where does the time go?

I blinked and BAM we are in December.  Where does the time go?  I realized I haven’t really blogged in a few weeks, other than Jack’s swimming videos.  That is just not enough to keep the Grandparents happy!!

We had a great Thanksgiving.  I was completely unprepared for the whole thing.  In fact, up until the day before we didn’t even know what we were going to do.  My procrastination paid off.  My friend Susannah invited us to celebrate with her family at her parent’s house.  It was great.  I was in charge of mashed potatoes and wine.  It couldn’t have been more simple.  Susannah’s Mom made a fantastic turkey and all the fixin’s.  It was really nice and as an added bonus, the Dads were mainly in charge of kids, so us Moms got to visit.  It couldn’t have been better for me!!

We’ve actually had a pretty busy few weeks.  To add to our already crazy schedule, we decided to start potty training Jack.  (I guess I didn’t have enough going on, I needed to add to it!!)  We started the Friday before Thanksgiving.  It is going surprisingly well!  I followed my Moms advice and did just what she suggested.  I figure she has been potty training kids for the better part of 40 years, she probably knows a thing or two about it!  We put Jack in training underpants, set a timer for 30 minutes and took him to the bathroom every time the timer went off.  If he went we reset it for 30 more minutes, if he didn’t we reset it for 10 minutes and tried again.  I made a potty chart and every time he went he got to put a sticker on the potty chart (an extra special sticker with wiggly eyes when he pooped!).  It worked like a charm.  It has been a couple weeks now and basically we have very few accidents.  The funny thing is that he doesn’t really go that often now.  I basically rely on him to tell me when he needs to go or watch for cues.  He can hold it forever.  He is strategic too.  He likes to pee in public restrooms, so if he knows we are going somewhere he will hold it until we get there so that he can go in public.  Totally random!  Now if only I could get him comfortable in pooping in public.  He even wakes up dry from naps and almost always in the morning.  The whole thing is a little cray.  We have lots of potty talk around our house.  Who knew we could be so proud about it?!

So Garrett has been a good baby from the start.  The biggest challenge we have had with him is sleep.  Neither of our kids have been easy sleepers, but Garrett has been difficult.  He can sleep really well– as long as it is on my chest or next to me on my pillow.  Props to the Mamas and Papas out there that love the co-sleeping, but I am not one of them.  When they are brand new and never move, it is nice to hold them when they sleep.  When they are five months old and latch on when they want to eat in the middle of night, sleeping with them is not nice.  For the first four months or so Garrett would sleep pretty well in the swing.  Not ideal, but at least the majority of the night was not on me.  Then he learned to roll over.  Then he practiced rolling over and got REALLY good at it.  Then he didn’t want to sleep in the swing anymore, he wanted to be on his side or stomach.  One would think that that would mean he could sleep in his own bed.  However, we were pretty sure that G had acid reflux from birth.  Hence the sleeping in upright in the swing or on my chest.  We tried and tried to not have to put him on medication for the reflux, but when the swing sleeping went away we had to reconsider.  So we took him to the doctor a week ago and they put him on reflux medication.  Wow, what a difference.  I wish I could say that he suddenly slept 12 hours through the night, but let’s be realistic, my kiddos just aren’t going to do that.  He has however, started to sleep in big stretches and last night he only got up once.  A huge improvement!!!  Hopefully it will just get better.  Since we went to the doctor, we had a weight check for Garrett.  He is exactly 15lbs.  I wasn’t surprised because he seems like he is growing like mad.  He is much thinner than Jack was at this age, but he is also much longer.  I think that Garrett is actually about the same weight as Jack was at this age, but they are built completely differently.  They do share one funny thing in common though.  Both boys have lost all of their hair in the back and kept it all in the front.  Garrett is entering the pompadour stage.  It actually doesn’t look quite as funny as it did on Jack.  I’m not sure if that is because we are used to it the second time around or because Garrett’s new hair in the back is coming back in dark and Jack’s came in blond.  I’m still convinced that all our boys will have full heads of hair and if we ever have a girl she will be bald until she is 2!

Hopefully I’ll be a little better about updating this more often.  You can count on a swimming video every week until we finish up the lessons.  Other than that, you’ll have to stay tuned!


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