Susannah’s Shower

Last week Jack, Garrett and I went to a small baby shower of sorts for my friend Susannah and her new little one Isla.  Susannah’s good friend (and my friend now too!) Katie coordinated everything.  We had planned to have a surprise shower before Isla was born, but the little bug came too early.  So Katie shifted gears and waited until Isla was a little bigger and everyone in the Monteith house was settled in to the new routine.

There were just a few of us there.  I actually felt really honored to be invited, as it was only a few friends of Susannah’s from growing up, her Mom and her Godmothers.  Susannah and I have become really close friends, so I really appreciated Katie including me.  Anyway…we had a brunch, the kids ran around and we all got to visit.

The babies at the party (Isla, Adin & Garrett) provided great holding opportunities for all the Grandmas!  Isla is still a super newborn, img_1671so that was fun for everyone.  There is nothing like holding a new baby that still just wants to sleep in your arms.  Both Garrett & Adin were born in July, so they are really getting to a fun stage.  When they are awake the are smiling, happy & engaging.  It was fun for everyone to play with them.

The bigger kids were Ian, Jack, Elle & Jane.  They played so well together.  Actually, I was amazed at how well they all got along.  Elle has a great train table with tracks and several Thomas the Train characters.  Both Ian & Jack are huge fans of Thomas right now, so they spent so much time playing with trains.  Katie also has a piano.  I think we have a set of future musicians on our hands! img_16841 Toddlers love to BANG the keys and make music.  And they are so proud of themselves when they do.  My favorite part was when Ian, Jack & Elle were all up on the piano bench making music together.  It was so cute!

We ended up hanging out for a long time, so by the early afternoon we were getting into the kids’ nap times.  The boys went outside for a while and mowed the lawn and played in the leaves.  img_1703They had a blast.  It made me realize how much we are going to miss our multiple times per week trips to the park this winter.  The worst part is that we rarely get enough snow here to be able to really play outside in the snow either.  Thankfully the cold weather is pretty short lived in the DC area.  With any luck we will have a nice spring and we’ll be right back outside as much as possible!

Anyway…Isla’s shower was a blast.  Thanks Katie for putting everything together and hosting us.  It was so thoughtful and a wonderful time!!  Welcome baby Isla!


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