Just So Cute!


Garrett is getting to be so cute!  All of a sudden he has hit the age where all his personality is coming out.  He learned how to fake cough a few weeks ago, but lately it is his go to attention getter.  He’ll be hanging out in the jumparoo or playing on the floor and if he wants attention, he’ll start coughing.  As soon as you acknowledge it, he smiles this huge grin.  It is a crack up! 

Garrett loves to play on the floor.  He lays on his play mat and either just kicks away or rolls across the room.  He doesn’t love timg_1667o be on his tummy.  He wants to be strong enough to pull up onto his knees and arms but he really isn’t.  He tries so hard, but just can’t manage to make any progress.  This infuriates him.  After a minute or two of attempting to move, he gets very mad and buries his face in his hands and cries.  It is so pathetic!  I like to put Garrett on the floor to play.  The problem is that the only rug we have on our hard wood floors is in the living room which doubles as the play room.  This means that in order for G to be on the carpet and not just hard wood, someone has to be in the living room with both boys or Jack has to be sleeping.  When G Man plays on the floor, Jack has to be right next to him mimicking every movement and sound.  It is pretty cute to watch a 2 yeimg_1720ar old have tummy time.  However, Jack tends to get very excited and we are quite sure that given the opportunity he would inadvertently squish his brother.

The last few weeks have been a turning point in the manner in which Jack responds to Garrett.  Until recently, Jack has been nice to G for the most part but not that interested in him.  Recently Jack has taken an interest in Garrett.  I think it is partly because Garrett engages Jack with smiles and coos now and partly because Jack likes to teach G how to use all his toys.  No matter the reason, I’m happy with the result.  img_17221The increased empathy and interest on Jack’s part is nice.   Last week we were in the car (most likely traveling to or from swim lessons!) and Garrett got fussy.  Jack got genuinely upset and told me “My baby is cryin’ Mama.  You need to pull over and feed him.  You need to nurse my baby, Mama.”  Another day Jack started to cry because he felt bad that Garrett was crying and I couldn’t help him.  It was sweet.  We are finally settling into being a family of four.


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