4 Months Old

Wow, time flies.  Garrett is now 4 months old.  He had his well baby checkup today.  Everything was great.  He only had 2 shots and one oral vaccine, which was nice.   It used to be that at the 4 month checkup they got 4 shots, but now they have combined 3 of the into one.  I’m always glad when they get less shots!

So Garrett weighed 14lbs 5oz and was 25in long.  He has really grown.  I wasn’t surprised though.  He has grown out of so many clothes already.  I forgot how quickly that happens!  The nice thing is that because he is a different shape and size than Jack was, there are some outfits of Jacks that he barely wore that Garrett is getting good use out of.  And I love that I get to see my favorite outfits all over again.  I do feel bad sometimes though that Garrett has almost nothing that is new to him.  In ten years will we look back at pictures and have a hard time telling our kids apart because they wear all the same clothes?!

Garrett is a super sweet baby.  He is snuggly and happy.  He smiles now quite a bit.  He is very laid back except when he isn’t!  He doesn’t get upset too easily, but man when he is upset then there is no making him happy.  Well, except for nursing…that ALWAYS makes him happy!  He is rolling over now and loves to be on the floor.  He is still a swing baby–he only sleeps in a swing.  We’ve tried to get him to sleep in a pack-n-play, but it is just too flat.  He likes to be more upright to sleep.  We’ll keep trying.  In the meantime, as long as he sleeps I don’t care where it is!


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