Swimming Lessons

Jack started swimming lessons today.  We enrolled him in Infant Swim classes www.infantswim.com .  They are really interesting.  Since Jack loves the water so much and has absolutely no fear of water, we have been pretty nervous.  He is so confident that he can swim, even though he can’t, that we are afraid he is going to jump into the water when we aren’t there.  The infant swim classes are designed to teach water safety. 

The lessons are pretty cool.  He goes every week day (Monday through Friday) for up to 10 minutes.  The lessons will go for as little as 4 weeks and as many as 8 weeks, but just until he masters the concepts.  At the end of the lessons he will be able to get thrown into a pool fully clothed and be able to pull himself to surface and swim to the side.  While he is in the lessons I have to keep a journal of everything he eats and drinks, all of his sleep and all of his diaper changes.  It is a lot of work for me, but they use the diary to customize his lessons each day.

Today was neat.  He got in the water with the instructor and was totally excited to be there.  Before he got in the pool she asked him what he wanted to do and he answered “Learn how to swim!”  Once they got in the water she tried to get him to hold onto the wall.  He wasn’t really into the wall.  He wanted to be out in the water.  She ended up taking him off the wall and letting him go under water.   He did that so well that she started working with him under water.  She would hold on to him lightly with one hand, have him go under water and then she would put her hand in front of his face.  He would have to grab her hand.  He did that really well.  After that she started putting him under water, pulling him toward her and then letting go.  She would keep her hand within reach and he would come to he under water and grap her arms which helped him to pull his head above water.  It was crazy to watch.  He seemed to do really well.  He liked it a lot and she was impressed that he didn’t get upset getting in the water.  I’m anxious to see how it all progresses.

They begin teaching the method as young as 6 months, so we are planning to enroll Garrett after the first of the year.  Already Garrett seems to like the water as much as Jack does.  Garrett gets a bath in the big tub now and he splashes like a wild man.  He laughs and plays just the way his big bro did at that age.  He doesn’t mind the shower either.  And of course, I always get water all over his face when I wash his hair.  He doesn’t seem to mind though.  I think he is a water baby too.  It’ll be neat to see Jack’s lessons and then see how they teach a 6 month old in comparison to a 2 year old.  I’ll be sure to blog about swimming as the next few weeks progress!


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