Reading & Singing…Oh, and a growth spurt!

We read a lot of books at our house.  Well, at least Jack gets read to a lot at our house.  I’m not sure Trav or I have picked up a book in months.  (I’m quite sure I haven’t read a whole book in 2 years!)  Anyway…the favorite at our house right now is Curious George and Dr. Suess.  We have several Curious George books that Jack loves to read, and Cat in the Hat gets thrown in once in a while.  The stories are pretty long, but for a boy who can never sit still, he sure does hold it together for books.  Every night we read 2 stories in bed by flashlight before we say prayers and attempt to go to sleep.  Recently Travis discovered that Jack has truly memorized most of his books.  It is pretty amazing.  You can stop at any point in almost any Curious George book or Cat in the Hat and he can finish the sentence.  And I don’t just mean a simple thing like stopping at Curious and he says George.  I mean you can stop mid sentence and he can generally finish the sentence.  Earlier today I was reading to him and stopped for him to say the last word of the sentence.  He said that word plus the whole next sentence.  It is crazy!  It keeps us on our toes too…now he knows if we miss a word.  Good thing we never try to skip pages or we would be in real trouble!

On the same note, Jack has started singing along to the music.  For a while he has hummed when he danced or sang nursery rhymes.  Yesterday we were driving home from Costco and Jack was getting tired.  He asked to listen to “my own song” which is Elvis Presley Blues by Jimmy Buffet.  Since birth (I’m not kidding!) he has loved this song.  Whenever he would cry in the car we would play it and it would be like turning off a faucet, instant silence.  We played the song yesterday and he started singing the words.  He knew the beginning of the song but then he didn’t know the rest of the words.  Anytime he could pick up a phrase, he would sing it really loudly.  It was so funny and incredibly cute.  We couldn’t laugh at him because he gets embarrassed now, so Travis and I couldn’t look at him or each other.  I literally had to cover my mouth to keep from bursting out laughing.  He was so serious and just kept singing.  We know he has passion for music, now let’s just hope he gets Travis’ musical abilities.  God knows he’ll be in trouble if he gets mine!

Garrett has been going through a huge growth spurt.  At least I think that is what it is.  He literally nursed ALL night long last night.  And I don’t mean that he ate and dosed.  I mean he ate all night long.  Every time I thought he was done and I tried to take him off, he would scream inconsolably.  He ate so much that at 4am I had to wake Travis up to hold him while I got up to eat.  I was starving!!!  Then Jack woke up.  I needed a nursing break, so Trav took over with Garrett and gave him a pacifier.  I actually didn’t know he gave him the pacifier until this morning.  When I was laying with Jack, I kept wondering how he got him to settle down.  I think he is just growing.  Tonight we gave him rice cereal for the first time.  He did okay with it.  He didn’t eat a ton but he definitely got 4 or 5 bites down.  Hopefully it will settle his belly a bit and tide him over longer.  I don’t know if I could make it through another night of constant nursing!  I also think G is getting his bottom teeth.  In true form for our household, he has been working on the two bottom teeth for 2 months.  I was hoping for a kiddo that didn’t agonizingly cut each tooth.  Looks like no such luck.  Now I’m just hoping that when he cuts them they actually stay cut through.  Poor Jack cut his upper teeth twice– the first time they cut through the swelled back up and didn’t cut through again for a while.  Time will tell I suppose!  Tomorrow is Garrett’s 4 month appointment.  I can’t wait to see how much he has grown.  He gets at least 2 shots though.  Poor boy!!!


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