Yea, this week were finally able to get most of the members of our playgroup together.  Jessica & Revie, we missed you!!  Susannah & Ian hosted us at their house.  Very impressive since Susannah has a 4 week old baby girl! 

So the kiddos ran and played with wild abandon.  At least the 2 year olds did.  All the babies were pretty tame.  Garrett & Isla pretty much took in the chaos from their post on top of the pool table.  The rest of the babies spent most of their time being worn by their Mammas.  There are 2 more babies due after the first of the year, so I think we all have visions of infants lined up in seats on the pool table while all of our older kids create mischief!

Playgroup is my favorite.  We all have kids right around 2 years old and everyone either has recently had #2 or is due with another baby after the first of the year.  It works out perfect.  Our kids play really well together (as well as 2 year olds play together that is!) and we all get along great.  I feel very fortunate to have connected with so many phenomal women.  I always know that whatever I am going through I can talk through it and get excellent advice from people I trust and that I know are going through similar challenges.  It’s amazing, I’ve lived in DC for 10 years now but since having Jack I’ve developed the best friendships I’ve had since moving to the area.  So to all my playgroup Mammas– thanks girls, I luv ya!


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