Pumpkin Patch

Good Friends-- Charlotte, Jack & Jacob

Good Friends-- Charlotte, Jack & Jacob

Today Jack, Garrett & I went to a small pumpkin patch.  We were supposed to meet Marcy & Jacob and Elizabeth & Charlotte.  Poor Marcy’s car broke down on her way, so Elizabeth picked up Jacob and brought him with her.  We missed Marcy but the kids had fun and Elizabeth & I got to visit quite a bit.  When we arrived Charlotte came running up to us yelling “Hi Jack! Hi Jack!”  Then she proceeded to tell me that she was wearing Crocs and had a new sweater.  It was hysterical.  Jack of course had no interest in Charlotte’s outfit; he just wanted to get to the pumpkins!

We really just went to a local nursery that has a pretty good display for the pumpkins they are selling.  There is a big platform with pumpkins stacked all the way up that is decorated with wooden cutouts of ghosts and jack-o-lanterns.  Under the platform is a series of tunnels for the kids to play in.  The perimeter of the area was lined with displays of different kinds of pumpkins and gourds and there were wagons to use when picking out your pumpkins.

The kids had a blast.  They ran all around, went through the tunnels, drug the wagons around and crawled on and carried pumpkins everywhere.  It was super cute.  It is pretty amazing that an hour at a nursery could be so entertaining to 2 year olds.  Garrett was a champ and hung out in the sling the whole time.  He just took it all in.  I think we are going to go one afternoon next week.  I wonder if they get annoyed at Moms who bring their kids for an afternoon play-date at their business?!?!


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