If only bedtime was this happy…

I love this picture of our boys!  Garrett is growing so fast and looking more like Jack every day.  I was putting clothes away the other day in the boys’ room and Garrett wanted attention.  I put him on the bed to watch me.  He was perfectly content to see me and coo.  Of course, since Garrett and I were in the bedroom then Jack wanted to come in too.  He crawled into bed and was so sweet to his brother.  First he gave G-Man his Ducky.  (Anyone who knows Jack knows that his Ducky & Mimi blanket are sacred and sharing them, especially with his brother, is a pretty big deal!)  Then Jack gently layed next to Garrett.  It was super sweet.

Bedtime has been a disaster around our house lately.  Garrett is great.  He actually is down for the night sometime around 8pm and then nurses a few times throughout the night.  I get pretty good chunks of sleep though, so I feel like his schedule is really good.  Jack on the other hand is really have a hard time.  It really came out of nowhere too, so that is making it all the worse.  We have a great night time routine and we are super diligent about following it.  Then a few weeks ago things started to go south.  One night Jack was having a hard time sleeping and kept waking up so I ended up laying with him.  Big mistake!!!  He took this for a change in routine and started demanding that I lay with him every night.  The whole thing has spiraled out of control.  We are working on it, but we are far from our blissful going to bed experience we had previously.  I’m open to suggestions if anyone knows how you can get an active 2 year old to relax, quit talking and stay in their bed!!!


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