The other night we went to dinner at Chipotle.  This is one of Jack’s favorite dinners out.  He calls it “Sho Pay”.  Anyway, we saw a family that used to live in our neighborhood but moved to a different neighborhood a few years ago.  They have a son, Luke, who is about 10.  As they were getting ready to leave Luke started doing cartwheels and handstands.  (We were sitting on the patio outside.)  Jack was fascinated with Luke and the gymnastics show he was putting on.  He wanted to get down and was asking Travis about what Luke was doing.  Travis told him they were handstands.  After they left we were able to keep Jack occupied with chips and guacamole while we finished dinner.  When we got ready to leave, Jack got out of his chair and told us he wanted to do finger tippin’ too.  He put both of his hands and his head on the ground making his body an inverted V, then he kicked one leg up at a time.  All the while he happily exclaimed “I’m finger tippin’!”  It was hysterical.


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