My Little Smiler

Garrett has started to smile all the time.  He is really starting to show his personality– at least traits other than his very relaxed personality.  He coos and talks to us often and smiles when he sees us.  He also really interacts with his hanging toys in his bouncy seat and swing.  He seems to be much more interested in the toys than Jack was at this age.  I wonder if that too is a reflection of his personality.  I can’t wait until he starts really playing on the floor once he is crawling etc.  Jack loves cars and has no patience for blocks or building.  I am curious if Garrett will be more of a block kid and less into cars?  Or will he just want to do everything his big brother does?  It is so neat to see that even at such a young age they are so clearly different personalities.  Honestly, Jack is all me and Garrett is all Travis.  Hopefully that means that they will get along fairly well since they have different personalities.


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