Cox Farm

Today I took Jack and Garrett to Cox Farm to their fall festival.  We met Elizabeth, Charlotte & Meme (E’s Mom) and Susannah, Ian & Isla there.  It was a blast!  There were all kinds of animals penned throughout the farm.  Jack of course loved the goats.  Meme bought him and Charlotte (Ian wasn’t there yet) feed for the goats.  We were able to go into their pen and feed and pet them.  Boy, those little guys are pesky.  They saw the feed coming and completely surrounded us.  I basically fed them because they were pretty aggressive with the feed.  Once the food was gone though, Jack was able to pet and chase them.

  He loved it.  We had just recently quit having to look at baby goats online everyday, so I’m sure we will be back to looking at baby goats!  Jack also got to milk a cow right before we left for the day.  He thought that was neat but he was pretty tired out!

Another highlight to the day were the giant slides.  There were several slides around the farm and the kids loved them.  All three of them went down the slides (and they were big ones!!) but only Jack would go alone.  I was carrying Garrett in my Moby Wrap, so I didn’t want to go down the huge slide with two kids in my lap– somehow it just didn’t seem safe.  Jack just kept trekking up to the top and going down alone.  I think Elizabeth & Susannah were pretty big troopers to slide down with their kiddos.  Elizabeth is 6 months pregnant and Susannah has a 7 day old baby girl.  I don’t think you would have caught me on the slide in either ones condition!  Jack is truly fearless.  There were kids that were at least 5 or 6 that only went down the slides with their parents.  He loved them though! 

After we ate a picnic lunch together we took a hayride around the farm. It was cute because they had decorated the fields.  Again, I was very proud of Elizabeth & Susannah taking a ride on a bouncy wagon.   Crazy girls!!  Jack was so tired from all the activities that he fell asleep on the hayride.  When we got on the wagon Jack didn’t like the feel of the hay on his legs, so he climbed into Meme’s lap.  He was very cozy and we were pretty sure he’d fall asleep.  Yep, it took a few minutes but he slept through most of the ride.

Garrett was perfect the whole time.  I carried him in my Moby Wrap and he loved it.  He slept a good part of the time and just looked around the rest of the time.  It was a great day out!!!


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