Natural History Museum

Last week was my first big adventure into the city with both kids.  We went to the Natural History Museum with Susannah, Susannah’s Dad & Ian and Katie & Elle there.  We rode the metro into the city with Susannah and then met Katie at the museum.  It was great!  We saw lots of bugs, went to the butterfly house and checked out the mammals.  Jack touched a caterpillar, which he thought was pretty cool.  He could have done without the butterfly house and was the only kiddo who didn’t have ANY interest in the butterflies.  Of course, the highlight of the entire trip for Jack was riding the metro. 

After a morning in the city with 2 kiddos, I’ve decided that such outings are tons of work and tons of fun.  It was difficult at times but worth it.  The fact is, we have so many wonderful museums and activities in our area that we really should take advantage of them.  It is worth all the hassle in order to expose our kids to such great things!


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