First Day of Pre-School

Tuesday was Jack’s first day of school.  I’m not sure who was more excited me or Jack!  I think he had a great day.  We weren’t the slightest bit concerned if he would like it and were pretty sure drop off would go well.  We were right, he could have cared less about me leaving.  Unfortunately Travis wasn’t able to go with us to drop Jack off, so it was just me and Garrett.  When we got to school Jack just wanted to run inside to his classroom.   When we got in his room I helped him hang up his backpack.  Then he turned around, gave Garrett a hug in his carseat and ran away.  Apparently my leaving was of absolutely no concern to Jack!!!  I’m glad he was confident, but I would have liked at least a wave.  Nope, not my independent boy.  He just ran to play.

Sooooo, Garrett and I had 3 whole hours to kill without Jack.  It went by super fast.  We actually just ran errands and got ready for our vacation.  I’m looking forward to the time when Jack is occupied.  I think I’ll hit the gym or stroller strides some days, run errands on others and probably use the time to just be alone with Garrett.  We might actually get to nurse without someone else climbing all over us!!  I think the time will be good for Garrett too.

When I picked Jack up he was pretty tired but seemed to have had a good time.  The two little girls that came out before Jack burst into tears when they saw their Moms.  Jack was happy to see me but not overly excited.  I took that as a sign that he likes school and is comfortable.  We went and had Panera for lunch and then Jack enjoyed a nearly 3 hour nap.  All in all a good day!


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