Parenting Playgroups

My friend Elizabeth turned me on to a place called Parenting Playgroups.  It is pretty cool.  You can take your kids during open play times and they basically get to have unstructured play in a preschool setting.  They can paint, draw or color, use play dough or just play with all the toys.  Travis’ Mom and I took Jack and Garrett once when she was visiting and I liked it.  Last week they offered a free day, so we met Jack’s friends Jacob, Ian & Elle there to play.   They all loved painting.  It was a crackup because Jacob doesn’t really like to get his hands too dirty (which is a total contradiction because the kids loves to play in the dirt!) so it was fun to watch him get paint on his hands.  He had to stop several time to clean his hands and was especially irritated when one of the other kids “accidentally” painted him. 

 Jack of course loves to vacuum.  He always helps with this task at home, so it is no wonder he goes for the toy right away.  I’ve been looking for a kids vacuum that really picks up– I could use the help!  In the meantime his xylophone makes a wonderful pretend vacuum cleaner.  Thank goodness for an active imagination!


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