Labor Day Weekend

Whew…what a weekend.  I think it was supposed to be a long relaxing weekend but somehow I think we just ran around like mad!  We had fun though.  Somehow we managed to pack in getting a new tv and mounting it, a Jimmy Buffet concert, brunch with my cousin who was visiting from out of town, a barbecue with former neighbors and a final trip to Jack’s beloved water slides.  It was a lot for 3 days!!

So while Travis was out of town last week, Jack broke our flat screen tv in our living room.  How you say?  Let me tell you.  Months ago Jack learned how to turn off the power strip that several of our electronics were plugged into in the living room.  We keep as out of reach tucked behind a cabinet as possible, but periodically he still manages to get to it and turn it off.  Last week he was particularly interested in it and was getting to it all the time.  I did my best to keep him out of it, but sure enough he eventually blew the tv.  Can I tell you how miserable it is to spend 3 days without tv and your husband out of town?  Since Garrett arrived we have enlisted the tv babysitter a bit– especially for getting Jack down for a nap or when I’m nursing Garrett and Jack decides that I am his personal jungle gym.  I was going a little crazy!!  Anyway…Friday we bought a new 42″ flat screen.  Trav went to mount it that night and realized that we had to get a whole new mounting bracket.  Yea, Saturday morning we were at Costco bright and early to buy a new mounting bracket.  We had to get the tv up and functioning Saturday because we had a babysitter coming that night so we could go to the Buffet concert.  It wasn’t easy, but Trav did a great job getting it installed in time and it looks really nice.

The Buffet concert was great.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.  We met two other couples for the show, our friends Brian & Josie and Vince & Marcy.  We all realized that we were getting old when we arrived at 5pm for the tailgate– a far cry from our days of arriving at Noon and drinking all day and night.  And even more comical, I had to pump milk twice so I wouldn’t be too engorged.  I keep joking that everyone goes to Buffet tailgates to see boobs, but probably not ones attached to a breast pump!  You gotta do what you gotta do.

On Sunday we met my cousin Jessica for brunch.  She is studying in North Carolina and was visiting a friend in DC this weekend.  It was great to see her and catch up– it had been a very long time.  The boys were pretty good at brunch and we were able to visit for a few hours.  I’m looking forward to spending more time together over the next few years!

On Sunday afternoon we went to a barbeque at our former neighbors house.  It had been waaaay too long since we had gotten together, so it was great to catch up.  Everyone had fun playing with the boys and Jack ate up all the attention!

We made a final trip to the waterslides on Monday evening.  The weather was warm but not too hot.  Jack was able to play in the sand box and slide several times.  It was a great last trip to the pool for the summer.  I don’t think he really understands that it is closed now until next year.  That’ll be fun to explain next weekend when he is all set to go!  At least we have a trip to Las Vegas in a little over a week.  He will get to swim everyday while we are on vacation.  What a little fish!


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