Jack’s Best Friend

IMG_1169, originally uploaded by mgianchetta.

Who knew that at not even two years old a little boy could have a best friend?! A few months ago Jack and I were reading a book about two friends. In the middle of the book Jack announced that “Jack, Ian best friends”. Even as I write this Jack saw the picture of Ian and said “Ian is best friend”.

Ian lives down the street from us. His Mommy, Susannah, and I are good friends and get the boys together as often as possible. Jack is about 4 months older than Ian and Susannah is expecting #2 who will be about 4 months younger than Garrett. It has been so fun to see the boys grow and change.

Lately we have been going to the park together a lot. The kids love to be outside and there is a great park that isn’t too far from our houses. We have to drive, but it is worth it because the play structures are huge and entertain the boys for a long time.


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